Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Reliable, superior commercial cleaning guaranteed

As facility management experts, we at EMP offer professional cleaning services for commercial premises of all sizes and types.

EMP Commercial Cleaning Services Include

Office Cleaning

Keep your office clean, tidy, and sanitised with EMP's office cleaning services. We provide daily cleaning of floors, surfaces, kitchens, and restrooms. Our janitors empty trash, sanitise common surfaces, vacuum carpets, mop hard floors, and keep restrooms properly stocked. Offices receive the regular attention they need to stay fresh.

Deep Cleaning

In addition to daily tidy-up, periodic deep cleaning is essential. Our team performs comprehensive cleaning of the entire facility including floors, windows, walls, vents, fixtures, and furniture. We use specialised tools to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas for complete sanitization. Deep cleaning rejuvenates your space.

Floor Cleaning

From carpets to hardwood, our experts use the latest methods to clean and restore your floors. Services include vacuuming, mopping, waxing and polishing hard floors, stain removal, and deep carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. Proper floor care maintains aesthetics and reduces wear.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows make a space appear more open and appealing. Our window washers use non-toxic cleaners and the latest tools to clean interior and exterior glass surfaces. We also clean window frames, sills and blinds. Our window cleaning services let the light shine in.

Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms gather dirt and germs quickly. We thoroughly clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, floors, mirrors and other surfaces. Our janitors replenish supplies like soap, towels, and toilet paper. Clean, stocked restrooms are essential for any facility.

Kitchen Cleaning

From appliances to cabinets to floors, our team deep cleans kitchen and breakroom areas. We descale appliances, clear grease buildup, sanitise countertops and tables, mop floors, and organise storage areas. Our kitchen cleaning promotes hygiene.

Carpet Cleaning

Keep your rugs and carpets looking like new with periodic deep cleaning. Our experts pre-treat stains, then use truck-mounted steam cleaning units to extract dirt from carpet fibres. We can even apply stain guard treatments during cleaning for added protection.

Special Event Cleaning

Hosting an event? We provide cleaning before, during, and after special functions. Services range from basic room setup and trash removal to extensive post-event deep cleaning. With our help, you can focus on hosting a smooth event.

Restaurant, Cafes & Pubs Cleaning

Transform your dining space with unmatched hygiene and allure. Our deep cleaning expertise ensures every corner gleams, from kitchens to restrooms, offering patrons a memorable experience.

Builders Cleaning

EMP’s builders cleaning services sweep through your construction or renovation site, tackling dust, debris, and leftover materials to make your space pristine and ready for occupancy. Our detail-oriented cleanup ensures windows, floors, and surfaces are spotless and safe, showcasing your project's quality.

Gymnasium and Leisure Center Cleaning

Our gymnasium and leisure center cleaning services are tailored to high-traffic fitness environments, focusing on sanitizing equipment, locker rooms, and common areas. EMP uses eco-friendly products to maintain a healthy, germ-free setting, enhancing your members' workout experience.

Schools, Surgeries, and Care Home Cleaning

We offer dedicated cleaning for schools, surgeries, and care homes, prioritizing safe, sanitary conditions with the use of non-toxic cleaners. We ensure classrooms, medical rooms, and living spaces are thoroughly cleaned, safeguarding the health and well-being of all occupants.

We use industry-leading techniques and eco-friendly products. Our experienced cleaners are trained to clean thoroughly while minimising environmental impact.

Other professional services

Facility Management

Maximize efficiency with elite Facility Management Services—quality, reliability, excellence.

Gardening & Landscaping

Transform spaces with premier Gardening and Landscaping—beauty, sustainability, expertise.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

Solar Panel Care: Enhance performance with expert cleaning and maintenance.

Cafe & Canteen

Transform dining with our top-tier Cafe/Canteen offerings—quality, reliability, and culinary excellence.

Surveying Services

Navigate with confidence using our Surveying Solutions—precision, reliability, and excellence shaping every project.