Facility Management

Facility Management

Efficient, comprehensive facility management solutions

At EMP Facility Management, we offer comprehensive facility management services to optimize your business operations. Our expert team takes care of the complexities of managing your facility so you can focus on your core business goals.

EMP Facility Management Services Include

Maintenance services

At EMP, our experienced team of technicians and tradespeople ensures your facility operates flawlessly. We specialize in comprehensive maintenance solutions, including HVAC system optimization, plumbing repairs, electrical troubleshooting, and handyman services for general repairs. Trust us to maintain your facility's critical systems in top condition.

Janitorial services

Ensure your facility shines with our top-tier janitorial services. We handle daily cleaning of floors, surfaces, and restrooms to uphold a pristine environment. Our team efficiently manages trash and recycling, maintains common areas, and provides porter services. Rely on us for a clean, professional space that enhances occupant satisfaction.

Landscaping services

EMP's landscaping team enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. We offer comprehensive lawn care such as mowing, aeration, fertilization, and pest control to ensure healthy, vibrant grass. Our gardening services include planting, pruning, and caring for ornamental plants, trees, and shrubs. Seasonal cleanups and mulching keep your landscape thriving all year.

Sustainability services

EMP is dedicated to reducing your environmental footprint and operational costs through our sustainability services. We conduct facility audits to pinpoint energy efficiency enhancements and waste reduction opportunities, such as LED upgrades and low-flow installations. Our team also sets up and manages robust recycling and composting programs, helping you achieve your green objectives and minimize landfill waste.

Vendor management

Let us take the hassle out of managing your facility's vendors and service providers. We oversee the bidding process to ensure you get optimal pricing. Once contracted, we coordinate vendors, manage work schedules, and track invoices. With EMP as your liaison, you avoid coordination headaches and service disruptions.

Office moves

Relocating an office space is disruptive for any business. Trust EMP to expertly project manage office moves from start to finish. We handle logistics like scheduling, permits, equipment rentals and IT/phone coordination. During the move, we oversee the packing, transport and unpacking of your items. We can even arrange complex relocations across cities or internationally.


If your facility needs refreshing, EMP provides renovation services from conceptual design to project completion. Our managers oversee all details from architect/contractor selection to securing permits. During renovations, we mitigate business disruptions and safety risks. With decades of experience, EMP delivers renovations on time and on budget.

Security services

EMP offers security services to protect your facility, assets and occupants. We conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and establish appropriate safeguards - from alarms and cameras to guards. Staff training covers emergency preparedness, incident reporting, visitor management and more. With EMP's security services, you can rest assured your facility is properly secured.

Space Management & Optimization

EMP’s specialists are adept at refining your facility’s layout for optimal space use, enhancing efficiency and productivity with minimal disruption. We evaluate your current setup to improve configurations, storage solutions, and expansion plans. Our focus is on creating a flexible environment that evolves with your business needs, ensuring your space is utilized to its fullest potential.

Health & Safety

EMP places paramount importance on the health and safety of your workplace and we ensure your facility complies with all relevant regulations and standards, creating a secure and healthy environment for everyone. From emergency preparedness to ongoing safety measures, trust EMP to safeguard your most valuable asset—your people.

Consumable supply management

With EMP’s consumable supply management, you’ll never run out of essentials. We efficiently manage and restock paper products, cleaning supplies, and office essentials. Our streamlined procurement process ensures you always have what you need, simplifying inventory management and reducing operational costs. Rely on us to keep your facility well-supplied and running smoothly.

Handyman service

EMP's handyman services keep your facility in optimal condition. Our skilled team handles tasks from changing light bulbs to minor plumbing repairs, focusing on quality and meticulous attention to detail. Trust EMP for reliable, efficient maintenance that ensures your facility looks great and functions flawlessly.

With decades of experience in commercial cleaning and facilities management, EMP has the expertise to streamline facility operations, reduce costs, and create safe, comfortable work environments.

Other professional services

Gardening & Landscaping

Transform spaces with premier Gardening and Landscaping—beauty, sustainability, expertise.

Commercial Cleaning

Superior Commercial Cleaning: unmatched quality, reliability, and thoroughness.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

Solar Panel Care: Enhance performance with expert cleaning and maintenance.

Cafe & Canteen

Transform dining with our top-tier Cafe/Canteen offerings—quality, reliability, and culinary excellence.

Surveying Services

Navigate with confidence using our Surveying Solutions—precision, reliability, and excellence shaping every project.