Surveying Services

Surveying Services

Precision mapping, and seamless solutions.

EMP Facility Management offers comprehensive topographic and GPS surveys, along with Environmental Flood Risk assessments. Collaborating with top industry professionals, our services extend to volumetric analysis, earthworks design, and site surveys, ensuring robust solutions tailored to your needs.

Surveying Services Include

Control Network Verification

Empower your projects with our thorough control network verification. We meticulously validate control points, ensuring precision in measurements for reliable project outcomes. By upholding accuracy and integrity in your surveying data, we facilitate the success of construction, land development, and infrastructure ventures, providing a foundation for trust and efficiency.

Verification of Ground Levels

Trust EMP Facility Management for accurate verification of ground levels. Our detailed assessments provide essential data for construction, land development, and infrastructure projects. With meticulous precision, we ensure accurate planning and execution, delivering reliable results to support the success of your project objectives and maximize efficiency in your operations.

Fence Lines and Contract Boundary Limits

Define property boundaries confidently with EMP Facility Management's expertise in demarcating fence lines and contract boundary limits. Our meticulous surveying techniques ensure clarity and compliance, supporting seamless project progression and legal adherence. Trust in our approach to provide accurate and reliable data, essential for the success of your projects.

Installation of Survey and Engineering Control

Count on our professional team for installing survey and engineering control points, vital for precise positioning in construction and development projects. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure consistent and reliable project data, supporting the success and efficiency of your endeavors with confidence and precision.

Roads & Structures

We provide expert surveying services encompassing roads and structures. From initial planning to final inspection, we provide comprehensive support ensuring optimal alignment, grading, and construction. Our commitment to accuracy and efficiency ensures reliable project data, supporting the success of your endeavors with confidence and precision.

Transform your project ideas into reality with EMP Facility Management's surveying services. Whether it's establishing new boundaries or enhancing existing infrastructure, our experienced team handles every aspect from inception to fruition. With a proven track record in delivering precise and reliable solutions, EMP brings expertise honed over years of service to elevate your projects with confidence.

Other professional services

Facility Management

Maximize efficiency with elite Facility Management Services—quality, reliability, excellence.

Gardening & Landscaping

Transform spaces with premier Gardening and Landscaping—beauty, sustainability, expertise.

Commercial Cleaning

Superior Commercial Cleaning: unmatched quality, reliability, and thoroughness.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

Solar Panel Care: Enhance performance with expert cleaning and maintenance.

Cafe & Canteen

Transform dining with our top-tier Cafe/Canteen offerings—quality, reliability, and culinary excellence.